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We're committed to the United States Constitution and the state of Idaho Constitution which guarantees a Republic Form of Government.
If you’re looking for education and personal service, you’ve come to the right place. At Citizens of Idaho an unincorporated non-profit association "registered number of the State of Idaho (U1777)" we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy dealing with private property and civil liberties. 
  • Constitutional Classes
  • History of Government
  • De jure vs De Facto 

  • Government / Tort
  • Business / Civil
  • Personal / Family

Other organizations might sell the sizzle but we have the answer!

Remember you are either governed by the Constitution or subject to the policies, fees and mandates of CORPORATE GOVERNMENT AKA "THE AGENCY"

Our association does not support violence! We support the constitution by education.

Our association does not promote UCC or Accepted For Value! 
Copyright Citizens of Idaho (U1777) 2010
Corruption has been around since the restoration. The light shall overcome the darkness in this era. So our association is shedding light on our state and how so many more counties of corruption exist, not just in Idaho but throughout the land of the free, anticipating the time for when justice will return and prevail. 

Administrative Corporate policies need to be changed since they don't protect a free society known as the victim, instead of allowing a majority of corrupt public officials who pick and choose which policies they will enforce, concerning individuals and crimes, while new changes and education must occur from within our hearts as a collective people. Not just because we're a melting pot of Americans first, but due to the realization we are humans that emotionally and physically proclaim and desire true equality through justice. 

Idaho is in the top 10 for corruption, while pretending to protect the people of the state of Idaho. In the following pages you will see laws, statutes and other Constitutional provisions that could be applicable to your state. One must take the time to cross reference to your applicable laws, statutes and other Constitutional provisions of your state. 

The result we are looking for is the return of recognition to our Natural Unalienable and Inalienable Rights and respect for the individual decisions protected by our Constitution. Its very simple no more theft, illegal war, a return of habeas corpus, a Congress, true Judiciary where the judge is mute "No interpretive rule making", and elected Executives that recognize, follow and support the law. 

Idaho, organized and incorporated "to do the peoples business" in 1863 as a territory, such was continued in 1890 as a state of the American union.
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Thank you for your support!
Staff @ Citizens of Idaho
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NEWS RELEASE: April 30, 2020

When the RV / GLOBAL RESET happens across the globe, which will be soon, Citizens of Idaho will be opening up offices of Legal experts to file suits against all corrupt proceedings of government on an individual basis. Our goal is not only to correct the record of fraudulent judiciary actions against the constitutional rights of the individual but to create criminal charges against all individuals of the Corporate Structure of Special Purpose Entities that have gone rogue by abuse of power. Currently we have millions of dollars set aside by individuals who will be in a position to give back to the people of the state of Idaho and other states. Please feel free to submit your case and a brief history of the illegal actions against you. Thanks for your continue support for Constitutional protection in a State that has sold out the rights of the people! Blessings and favor of Protections sent to all! 
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