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Help is needed in all 44 counties to assist us in collecting signatures for our party to be on the ballot. We need 13,101 signatures throughout Idaho by Jan 1, 2014.
The purpose is to educate new individuals who would like to run for political offices and
are constitutional minded. This is a model program we can take across the state.
Copyright Citizens of Idaho (U1777) 2010
Whereas the De Facto CORPORATE STATE OF IDAHO in compact with De Facto UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC. has initiated administrative procedures, policies, fees and mandates against the Citizens of the state of Idaho. The State of Idaho entered the inseparable part of the union as a de jure constitutional state as well as a de facto incorporated State in 1890.

Since statehood, numerous Executive Orders such as 12803 - Infrastructure Privatization and Executive Order 13575 White House Rural Council along with federal compacts have placed the Citizens of the great state of Idaho under corporate administrative policies in opposite of a republic form of government, which we are guaranteed under the United States Constitution which is the supreme law of the land determined in Marbury v Madison 5 U.S. (2 Cranch) 137,180 in 1803.

Due to the continuation of the de facto STATE OF IDAHO and its Federal compacts our states resources, public education and judicial system depriving due process of law have been impacted greatly. Many of our elected officials throughout each county, have allowed our fundamental rights, privileges and immunities to be placed in jeopardy due to the financial handouts of the corporate special purpose entities of government.  

Under the Ninth Amendment of the United States Constitution certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. It is this secured right which allows each individual to protect the States rights under the Tenth Amendment.

Currently the Constitutional Defense Council (IC-67-6301) was initiated to protect the Citizens of Idaho from encroachment of federal rules and regulations. However this has failed, due to the power play of corporate slavery which is governed by Democracy.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness can only be achieved through the prevention of the presumption, a person is not a corporation and is not governed by administrative policies which allows political correctness to dictate color of law which violates ones substantial rights, privileges and immunities.  

Be it therefore resolved:

That the people of the State of Idaho be able to determine which form of government De Jure / Constitutional or De Facto / Corporate ( IC-7-1303 (3)) on an individual basis applies to the welfare of their family, community and state. It is the duty of the Governor and Attorney General to allow such action to take place under the State Constitution and IC-73-106, IC-73-116. It is the duty of the people of the state of Idaho to take all steps necessary to re-assert the authority of a republic form of government known as Constitutional Protection and to prevent pillaging of our rights, privileges and immunities as guaranteed by Article IV Section IV if the United States Constitution.

Be it further resolved:

That the legislature should coordinate with other states and take any and all steps necessary to reinstate the balance of power between the federal government and the States by repealing the Seventeenth Amendment as non constitutional.

Be it further resolved:

The legislature and the governor are directed by the people of the state of Idaho to establish a Constitutional Round Table to study the impact of rescinding certain federal inimical compacts as well to initiate per county a council to educate elected officers starting with the Sheriff on the reform of corporate policy to comply with constitutional law.

The legislature is requested to redirect a portion of 35% of the one million dollars maintained annually in the Constitutional Defense Council budget to provide funding, facilities and accommodations in conjunction with protecting the sovereignty of the individual and state. 

The Round Table shall include one District judge of each judicial district, selected member of the House of Representatives, selected member of the Senate, all which are non-voting members. A mediator " under IC 53-707", attorney and a Constitutional Citizen of each county, all which are voting members. The Round Table shall be funded for a time not to exceed 3 years unless re-established by the people of the state of Idaho, and will be required to release all agenda's and reports when requested in the appropriate time, governed by the Freedom of Information Act. Transparency of the Round Table is crucial to the success of liberty throughout our great state. M. Esquibel dejure, Citizens of Idaho (U1777)

Proposed Bill for Legislation
Read our proposed bill draft below, then set up a Seminar 
today in your county!
Idaho can correct the problem with your help and led our nation back to the rule of law.
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3-104 3-201 3-301 18-102 18-114 3-408 3-409 3-420
3-408 3-412 3-414 3-415 3-420 23-805 19-4114
the state of Idaho 
The Court shall find in the public interest of Canyon county that a grand jury be summoned to inquire into public offenses committed by prosecutors and any other JOHN DOES who have knowledge of crimes committed within Canyon county submitted by the above named Citizen of the state of Idaho.

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED That a grand jury be summoned and conveyed in Canyon county, Idaho state on the ________ day of ___________________, 2012, at ___________a.m./p.m. to commence inquiry into the matter of public offenses committed or triable within Canyon county. The Court finds that the public interest requires this ORDER.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Jury Commissioner and or Assistant Jury Commissioner shall summon twenty-five (25) lawfully qualified electors/jurors to appear at the Canyon county courthouse, on ___________day ____________, 2012 at ___________a.m./p.m. and that from those twenty-five (25) persons, a grand jury of sixteen (16) persons shall be selected;

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that an alternate Prosecuting Attorney for Canyon county shall attend the District Court on ___________day ______________, 2012 at ___________a.m./p.m. and that he or she or a deputy prosecuting attorney, shall attend all sessions of the grand jury offering advice, information, and assistance to the grand jury pursuant to Idaho statutes and ICR 6.2;

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that an alternate Prosecuting Attorney of Canyon county shall cooperate with and assist the Court in securing a room and facilities for the use by the grand jury as required by Idaho statutes;

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that once selected and convened, the grand jury shall serve until discharged by the Court, but not for more then six (6) months, and during its term shall meet from time to time as necessary to conduct its business;

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that this ORDER shall be filed with the clerk of the Court and that said clerk shall post a copy of this ORDER at various locations of the courthouse, on the general bulletin board where public notices are posted in the courthouse, at the location of the Canyon county board of Commissioners, on the general bulletin board where public notices are posted and shall furnish a copy of this ORDER to the newspaper which has been designated by the Canyon county board of Commissioners for publication of legal notices. Said copy shall be posted.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the clerk of the Court shall designate a deputy clerk and a substitute deputy clerk who will be made available to record said proceedings and process records and documents pertaining to the activities of the grand jury in such manner that the secrecy requirements of the law as well as all other provisions of Idaho statutes and Idaho Criminal Rule 6 regarding Grand Jury proceedings are satisfied.

Dated this _______________day of _________________, 2012

District Judge
Information and CRIMINAL COMPLAINT along with a request for a Grand Jury was first given to the Clerk of Canyon County and a formal complaint was given to the Governor Office, AG Office, Speaker of the House Office, Senate Pro Tempore office today March 22, 0f 2012. Now we wait and see what will happen.
Clerk signing a Judicial Order?
This is not Administrative.
is spelled 
in hybrid
DID you know this?

Agents of the agency and judges become one of "those people in the STATE OF IDAHO" CORPORATE CAPACITY who work for "these people in this State" Municipality.. to violate "the people of the state" of Constitutional Protection.

However, they are acting "outside their scope of employment" and have ventured into criminal activities. They are "un-named" either because we don't know who they are, or because they never "affix their signatures" to their Notices of Exactions. If there is no signature they have not identified themselves AND, since a signature "validates a document" the lack of a signature INVALIDATES the document.

"These people" are "the people of the State of Idaho" clearly and exclusively the legislators; even the Idaho Constitution was an act of that body. This is what (and who) is meant by the phrase "all political power is inherent in the people." It means "these people" NOT "the people" as we are led to believe. Our friends Luis and Kurt went to Washington and pulled the Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Montana Constitutions from the MILITARY ARCHIVES! The originals were REPLACED by the Constitution of the District of Columbia! They were given "permission" to substitute these new "second" constitutions and this conglomeration abomination was codified in Senate Bill 185, combining each of those "territories" under the Federal umbrella.

"The people of the state of Idaho" are superfluous sheeple whose "Civil/Equal Rights" subject themselves to subordinate citizenship which entitles them to all of the "pains, penalties, punishments, licenses, taxes and exactions of every kind and to no other." -- 42 USC 1981.
First Legal Notice to CORPORATE ENTITIES 1996
Final Legal Notice to CORPORATE ENTITIES 1996
In Idaho, there was no amount placed upon violations of Constitutional Rights, Civil Rights or the act of violation knowingly, willfully and wantonly, so these legal notices were place and published in the largest Newspaper in Idaho. Since that time the 
have never replied or responded. At the time we didn't have all the understanding of status. 
and under the 
Law of Domicile, the presumption you are a citizen of the democracy no longer can be presumed. Without a SWORN controverted statement inapposite, you are now a Citizen of the Republic.
Legal Notice
of Judicial Notice

Know all men by these presents:

Gary Arthur DeMott on behalf of the people of Idaho, having legally noticed government de facto instrumentalities operating in proprietary capacity in the District of Idaho of the de jure creditors Schedule of Liquidated Damages to be increased 3% annually from original publication to the date of the claim and accrual of the cause of action, hereby authorized Citizens of Idaho (UNA 1777) and Idaho Corporate Risk Management (UNA 1916) to utilize such schedule when applicable, such to be entered in district courts of general jurisdiction. As a member of the de jure compact society of the republic, people of the state of Idaho are entitled to, amongst others, the right to own property, the privilege of due process of law / trial by jury and immunity from involuntary servitude and proscribed special laws / ordinances as guaranteed by the national and state constitutions and the laws passed in pursuance thereof. Such status is a foreign domicile to the 54 state “districts of democracy� established pursuant to Title 4-112 United States Code, a de facto contract society of the democracy, legally existing under statutory law. Such state and other de facto entities are commonly identified by the corporate spelling of the de jure name of the principal entity. Citizens of Idaho (UNA 1777) and Idaho Corporate Risk Management (UNA 1916) legally and lawfully notify all government de facto instrumentalities operating in proprietary capacity in the District of Idaho and the Idaho Commission on Human Rights for violation of IC 18-7301 against the de jure Citizen domiciled within the state of Idaho, one of the 50 states of the American Union. Notice to principal(s) is Notice to agent(s).
This Notice places the STATE, COUNTY AND CITIES on Judicial Notice for Constitutional violations and will allow the FBI to assist in Criminal Complaints filed against such persons and CORPORATE Entities for Civil Rights violations
It is, therefore, impossible to obtain counsel that can present this Sovereigns side of the conflict because an attorney's first loyalty is to the Plaintiff. The accused is not qualified to represent himself and is unwilling to waive his right to effective, unbiased assistance of counsel OF CHOICE. No attorney can be found who can practice law in the state who is free to effectively counsel this Sovereign and who is not beholden to the Plaintiff. Furthermore, the attorneys involved in any mentioned proceedings do not have the required “occupational licensed to practice law, or to otherwise engage in the practice of the legal profession. No License to Practice Law issued by the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licensing.

67-2616. RECORDING OF LICENSES. Every license that may hereafter be issued by the bureau of occupational licenses as a prerequisite to engage in a trade, occupation, or profession shall be recorded in the office of the bureau, which shall relieve the licensee from being required to record the same in the office of the county recorder in the county in which the licensee intends to practice. No fee shall be charged for the recording of the license by the bureau.

Are attorneys subject to this code? Let's see:

Do attorneys "engage in a trade, occupation or profession?" Yes. 

Are they "licensees" who "practice" in a "county?" Yes.

Therefore, their license should be issued by the burea and "shall (meaning "must") be recorded in the office of the bureau." You would think attorneys would be glad to do this since there is no charge for recording the license.

The mission of the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses is stated as

"providing for the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of Idaho's general public"

Attorneys represent the biggest threat to the health, safety and welfare of the general public. Upon request to the "bureau," the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses, to requests for a certified copy of the "license to practice law" or to otherwise engage in the "practice of the legal profession" of certain attorneys and alleged judges who are required to be and who claim to be licensed to practice law, the bureau responded that no such licenses exist in their records. 

If an attorney charges a fee for his services, he is practicing law and to do so lawfully he must have a professional occupational license issued by and under the authority of the State. 

" . . . a charge for services brings it within the term 'practice of law." 
--In re Edwards, 49 Idaho 280.

A BAR card is a certificate of admission to practice before a particular court, it is NOT a license; and the Idaho Supreme Court has alleged judicial power ONLY over admission, exclusion, discipline and disbarment, NOT licensing.

IC 3-410. RECEIPTS AND LICENSE -- ISSUANCE. The secretary of the board shall issue a receipt to each person paying said license fee and shall, if such person shall have theretofore been admitted to practice law in this state by the Supreme Court and not disbarred or then under suspension, thereupon issue to such person a license in such form as the board shall prescribe, for the year for which license fees were paid.

How is this possible when the Idaho supreme Court itself has declared that the Board of Commissioners of the Idaho State Bar, which is allegedly an "arm of the Supreme Court," does NOT possess either the judicial or legislative power required to issue such licenses nor is there a code, or any case law, or any delegation of authority to the Board to issue a license to practice law.

Those facts notwithstanding, let's SEE the license issued by the Board. Or is the "form" prescribed by the board an "invisible" license. Nothing says they can't issue an invisible license.