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 55-101. Real property defined. Real property or real estate consists of:
1. Lands, possessory rights to land, ditch and water rights, and mining claims, both lode and placer.
2. That which is affixed to land.
3. That which is appurtenant to land.

55-102. Personal property defined. Every kind of property that is not real is personal.

 55-401. Conflict of laws. If there is no law to the contrary in the place where personal property is situated, it is deemed to follow the person of its owner and is governed by the law of his domicil.

What is Domicil?
Domicil of Origin: 
Is acquired by every person at birth and continues until replaced 
by the acquisition of another domicil. It is the domicile of the
childs parents or of the persons upon whom the child is legally 
dependent at birth.

Domicil of Choice: 
Generally consists of a bodily presence in a particular locality and 
a concurrent intent to remain there permanently or at least

Domicil by Operation of Law: 
 A domicile the attributes to a person independently of the 
persons residence or intention. It applies to infants,
incompetents, and other persons under disabilities that prevent 
them from acquiring a domicile of choice.

The key to any property is where does the jurisdiction lay. 
Once you have declared your Solemn Declaration of Domicil 
you have a new status that is un-rebuttable.

Everything lies on the fraud by presumption in which your CORPORATE NAME 
attaches to.


In the Idaho Administrative Procedure Act under 34:04:02
the definition simply states the following:

The Secretary of State is authorized under Section 67-903, Idaho Code, to adopt rules. (7-1-93) 
001. -- 010. (RESERVED). 
011. GENERAL. 
01. Characters of Print Acceptable in Names. Names may consist of letters of the English Alphabet, 
Arabic Numerals and certain symbols capable of being reproduced on a standard English language typewriter, or 
combination thereof. (7-1-93) 
a. Letters of the English Alphabet includes only upper case, or capital letters; no distinction as to type 
face or font is recognized. (7-1-93) 
b. Arabic Numerals includes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. (7-1-93) 
c. The symbols recognized as part of a name may include ! " $ % ( ) * @ ?, and -. A space or spaces 
after words, letters, numerals or symbols may be considered as part of the name. (7-1-93) 

Really ITD do you honestly believe
that the Citizens of Idaho are that 
This is just one example of the fraud placed upon you by your
Copyright Citizens of Idaho (U1777) 2010
Idaho Code containing the General Laws of Annotated
(Published by authority of Laws 1947, chapter 224) chapter 7, sections--

 58-701. Military lands--Yellowstone National Park lands--
Cession--Jurisdiction for execution of process reserved.--Pursuant to
article 1, section 8, paragraph 17, of the Constitution of the United
States, consent to purchase is hereby given, and exclusive
jurisdiction ceded, to the United States over and with respect to all
lands embraced within the military posts and reservations of Fort
Sherman and Boise Barracks, together with such other lands in the
state as may be now or hereafter acquired and held by the United
States for military purposes, either as additions to the said posts or
as new military posts or reservations which may be established for the
common defense; and, also, all such lands within the state as may be
included in the territory of the Yellowstone National Park, reserving,
however, to the state a concurrent jurisdiction for the execution,
upon said lands, or in the buildings erected thereon, of all process,
civil or criminal, lawfully issued by the courts of the state, and not
incompatible with this cession. [1890-1891, p. 40, Sec. 1; reen.
1899, p. 22, Sec. 1; reen. R.C. & C.L., Sec. 27; C.S., Sec. 70;
I.C.A., Sec. 56-601.]

58-702. Consent to purchases by United States--Jurisdiction for
execution of process reserved.--Consent is given to any purchase
already made, or that may hereafter be made, by the government of the
United States, of any lots, or tracts of land, within this state, for
the use of such government, and to erect thereon and use such

or other improvements, as may be deemed necessary by said government;
and over such lands and the buildings, or improvements, that are, or
may be, erected thereon, the said government shall have entire control
thereon all process, civil or criminal, lawfully issued by the courts
of this state, and not incompatible with this cession. [1895, p. 21,
Sec.1; reen. 1899, p. 235, Sec. 1; reen. R.C. & C.L., Sec. 28; C.S.,
Sec. 71; I.C..A., Sec. 56-602.]

  58-705. Consent to land purchase for migratory labor homes
projects--Jurisdiction.--Consent is given to any purchase already
made, or that may hereafter be made, by the government of the United
States of any lots, or tracts of land within this state, for migratory
labor homes projects; and over such lands and the buildings or
improvements that are, or may hereafter be, erected thereon the United
States shall have entire control and jurisdiction, except that the
state shall have jurisdiction to execute thereon any process, civil or
criminal, lawfully issued by the courts of this state, and not
incompatible with this cession. [1943, ch. 152, Sec. 1, p. 308.]

Only what they "purchase" and which is "ceded" to the U.S.
They need "deeds of cession" to prove it. Haven't checked
for updates to these cessions but I know the FEDS don't have
the authority to exercise their jurisdiction in very much of "the state."

Grants and permissions clause of the Idaho Constitution:


Section 16.Grants and permissions. All grants and permissions shall be
in the name and by the authority of the state of Idaho, sealed with
the great seal of the state, signed by the governor, and countersigned
by the secretary of state.

And there you have it. So where are the grants and permissions for the
DOJ, EPA, FDA, CIA, FBI, IRS, NSA, and on and on?
Registration is CORPORATE fraud, only a plate is required every 7 years when properly domiciled within the state of Idaho.
Governing your tinted windows is CORPORATE fraud, when properly domiciled within the state of Idaho.
There are still some constitutional judges here in Idaho! Please let us know your experience.
click on link below and download.
click on link below and download.
Under section (a) all wildlife is the property of the Constitutional state of Idaho known as De Jure. It is the people of the state of Idaho which must reclaim the common right we retain as Citizens and as a collective. 
"We Are The People"
When working with compacts the State of Idaho only needs to change this area of legislation and the federal compact which governs our wildlife no longer exists. In other words Lake Lowell and other water resources return back to the people of the state of Idaho.
"And no longer under the control of "Bureaucrats" 
You read it here first, at Citizens of Idaho!
Dear Fellow Citizens of the state of Idaho:

Check THIS out! ALL STATUTES require a RULE or REGULATION to implement it, AND to give it "the force of law." See section 03 below. 

"[W]e think it important to note that the Act's civil and criminal penalties attach only upon violation of regulations promulgated by the Secretary; if the Secretary were to do nothing, the Act itself would impose no penalties on anyone."

California Bankers Assn. v. Shultz, 416 U.S. 21, 26, 94 S.Ct. 1494 (1974)

[An act, which is a Statute would NOT impose a penalty without a regulation!]

In United States v. Mersky, 361 U.S. 431, 437-38, 80 S.Ct. 459 (1960), the Court had before it a statute which contained the words, "The Secretary of the Treasury may by regulations . . . " Concerning this language, the Court stated: 

"Here the statute is not complete by itself since it merely declares the range of its operation and leaves to its progeny the means to be utilized in the effectuation of its command .... Once promulgated, these regulations, called for by the statute itself, have the force of law, and violations thereof incur criminal prosecutions, just as if all the details had been incorporated into the congressional language. 

The result is that neither the statute nor the regulations are complete without the other, and only together do they have any force. In effect, therefore, the construction of one necessarily involves the construction of the other."


The statutes and regulations are part of ONE STATUTORY SCHEME! And the word scheme is a good way to describe the despicable business of the State legislatures:

"The defendant's argument that the court should view the applicable statute, regulations and proclamation as one statutory scheme is well founded." 

United States v. Wayte, 549 F.Supp. 1376, 1385 (C.D.Cal. 1982).

SO, if there is NO RULE there is NO LAW. Mere statutes on their own do NOT have the force of law.

Here are ALL the IDAPA RULES, the Idaho Administrative Code for the IDAHO STATE POLICE, that are on the books in Idaho relating to MOTOR VEHICLES and to MOTOR CARRIERS.

The definition of "Motor Vehicle" and "Person" occur in the Rules for MOTOR CARRIERS! If you are not a motor carrier, then BY DEFINITION you are not a "person" and you do NOT operate or drive a "Motor Vehicle!" Also take note of the term "Transportation" in section 08 below. You are not involved in Transportation since it refers to MOTOR CARRIERS IN COMMERCE ONLY, and therefore, you are not under the jurisdiction of the DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION!

No other rules exist.

Here are the most important excerpts:


[Read this one carefully. This RULE gives ONLY the Motor Carrier Rules the force and effect of law and makes violations of them subject to punishment as provided by the related statutes! What rule gives other motor vehicle statutes the force of law? NONE! There are none but they don't need them because the Idaho vehicle registration says 

"If you are registering as a motor carrier, by signing the front of this document, you must be familiar with and are subject to the Federal CFRs and the state of Idaho IDAPA RULES." 

Read the registration for yourself. SO, when anyone signs the front of a vehicle registration they are "registering as a motor carrier," and are subject to these IDAPA RULES! And the statutes make it a violation NOT to sign the registration. Now THAT'S racketeering  " IC 18-7805 "at its best! You are forced to falsely claim that you are a motor carrier!]

03. Force of Law. These rules at IDAPA 11.13.01, "The Motor Carrier Rules," have the force and effect of law and violations of them may be subject to punishment as a misdemeanor, as provided by Section 67- 2901A of the Idaho Code. (4-5-00)


IDAPA (Subsections .04, .05, .06, .07, and .08)

04. Interstate Carrier. Means any person who or which owns or operates any motor vehicle in the state of Idaho or on the highways of the state of Idaho, in commerce between the States, or between the States and a foreign Nation, used or maintained for the transportation of persons or property. (4-5-00) 

["Who or which" here means that an Interstate Carrier, a CORPORATION obviously, can be a "who" which is a "natural person" who is incorporated and/or who "owns" a motor vehicle, or an artificial person, a "which" that is incorporated and that "operates" a motor vehicle. Even though it says "any person who owns or operates any motor vehicle in the state," making you think that it means you heading on down the road, it DOES NOT. It only means motor vehicles used for transportation, which, by definition in section 08 below, only applies to vehicles of MOTOR CARRIERS that are used 

05. Motor Carrier. Means an individual, partnership, corporation or other legal entity engaged in the transportation by motor vehicle of persons or property in the furtherance of a business or for hire. (4-5-00) 

[It is undisputed that an "individual" is defined as a LEGAL ENTITY, which is, by definition, NOT a natural person. Even if they illegally extend the meaning of individual to mean you or any other natural person, or man or woman, you are probably not "engaged in transportation" according to section .08 below, and certainly NOT "in the furtherance of a business or for hire." Driving back and forth to work doesn't apply either.] 


"LEGAL ENTITY. Legal existence. An entity, other than a natural person, who has sufficient existence in legal contemplation that it can function legally, be sued or sue and make decisions through agents as in the case of corporations."


"A legal entity or artificial person is a legal construct with legal rights or duties such as the legal capacity to enter into contracts and sue or be sued. It is an entity -- usually an organization such as a corporation or a government -- ultimately composed of natural persons that the law treats for some purposes as if it were a person, distinct from the natural persons of which it is composed; the "legal personality" of an artificial person, including its rights, duties, obligations and actions, is separate from any of the other artificial or natural persons which compose it."

[A legal entity is a "legal construct," constructed or created by law, NOT a natural person, created by a "god" or "creator" or by some other natural means. It is, by definition, an ARTIFICIAL PERSON ONLY, meaning an ["organization such as a corporation or a government," that is "separate" or "distinct" from the natural persons of which it is composed!"]

06. Motor Vehicle. Means any vehicle, machine, tractor, trailer, or semitrailer propelled or drawn by mechanical power and used upon the highway in the transportation of passengers and/or property, but does not include any vehicle, locomotive, or car operated exclusively on a rail or rails. (4-5-00) 

[Notice how they try to trick you by NOT using the words in the furtherance of a business or for hire here; however, this is implied. In other words, this section makes you think you operate a "motor vehicle," but remember that this definition is in the MOTOR CARRIER RULES! So only a motor carrier operates a motor vehicle! And, a "motor vehicle," (it does NOT say COMMERCIAL VEHICLE, JUST MOTOR VEHICLE) is used in "transportation" which is defined in section 08 below, which means used IN COMMERCE, which means, obviously, the same thing as in the furtherance of a business for hire.]

[The Federal Criminal Code, Title 18, also defines the term "Motor Vehicle" quite correctly. Notice it does NOT say "commercial motor vehicle," just "motor vehicle." That's because a motor vehicle IS a commercial vehicle--ALWAYS!]

18 USC § 31


(6) Motor vehicle.” The term "motor vehicle" means every description of carriage or other contrivance propelled or drawn by mechanical power and used for commercial purposes on the highways in the transportation of passengers, passengers and property, or property or cargo. 

(10) Used for commercial purposes.--The term ``used for commercial purposes'' means the carriage of persons or property for any fare, fee, rate, charge or other consideration, or directly or indirectly in connection with any business, or other undertaking intended for profit.

[Do you drive or operate a motor vehicle? Not according to the Federal Government, by their own definition. Back to IDAPA:

.07 Person. Means any individual, firm, copartnership, corporation, company, association, or joint stock association, and includes any trustee, receiver, assignee, or personal representative thereof. (4-5-00) 

[It is undisputed from section 05 above that an "individual" is a MOTOR CARRIER and a LEGAL ENTITY, which is NOT a natural person; therefore, by definition, YOU are not a "person" as defined in section .07!]

08. Transportation. Includes all vehicles operated by, for, or in the interest of any motor carrier irrespective of ownership or contact, express or implied, together with all services, facilities and property furnished, operated or controlled by any such carrier or carriers and used in the transportation of passengers and/or property in commerce in the state of Idaho. (4-5-00) 

There you have it in black and white - Transportation applies ONLY to vehicles operated by, for, or in the interest of a MOTOR CARRIER AND that are used IN COMMERCE ONLY!

In the section entitled


Section 019.02 (j) refers to the federal regulations addressing the simple act of the "Driving of Motor Vehicles." Sounds like something you do but it is NOT.

02. Obligation of Familiarity with Rules. All interstate and foreign carriers and all intrastate carriers subject to these Rules at IDAPA 11.13.01, "The Motor Carrier Rules," Section 019 must obtain copies of the federal regulations adopted by reference in Subsection 019.01 and make them available to their drivers and other personnel affected by the regulations. Failure to be familiar with these federal regulations adopted by reference is a violation of this Subsection 019.02 for any carrier subject to those regulations. The federal regulations adopted by reference address the following subject matter: (4-5-00)

j. Part 392. Driving of Motor Vehicles. (4-5-00) 

[Do you drive a motor vehicle? You might think so and so might the cops who pull you over without the authority to do so since you are not a "driver" or "other personnel affected by the regulations." If you are not a MOTOR CARRIER then, according to the Federal Government, and to the state of Idaho, you do NOT drive a motor vehicle now do you? 


They should, since they are deemed to know the law at a higher standard than you, and these IDAPA rules are the Idaho Administrative Code written and promulgated for the administrative agency known as the IDAHO STATE POLICE "DUNS AND BRADSTREET NUMBER 825016520" while working in CORPORATE CAPACITY.


Volunteer Research Department, MJA
Constitutional Property Owners Association (U2583)

The purpose of the Association shall be to promote a better community for residents through group action. We aim to protect and serve and educate our community, serve and educate our members in the prevention of government intrusion by City ordinances, County ordinances and State statutes, by working cooperatively while improving neighborhoods and community relationships protected by state of Idaho Constitution. 
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